Learning from the best

Based on many years of experience in clinical use Prof. Huerzeler and Dr. Zuhr have developed an instrumentation system that satisfies all the basic needs of implant and periodontal surgery alike. Its name “TOUCHGRIP” reflects the perfect combination of optimum grip and ideal tactile responsiveness for the user. The distinction once made between micro- and macrosurgical applications has been rendered obsolete – now there is one set for every indication.

As well as ensuring effective functionality, the developers were also keen to improve instruments’ tactile and ergonomic responsiveness. As such, they sought out developers with expertise in making technology more ergonomic. This led to an encounter with the designers responsible for introducing ergonomics and tactility into the development of writing tools – the developers of Stabilo’s famous EASYoriginal pen. An intensive collaborative approach quickly resulted, which culminated in the new, improved handle design.

Better feedback and optimal handling

The handles’ special ergonomic shape practically forces users to hold the instruments correctly. What’s more, every instrument is perfectly weight-balanced, so it rests securely and comfortably in your hand, just like a pencil. The round handles feature numerous indentations and raised areas. Until now, instrument handles have only ever featured indentations. The inclusion of raised areas in the handle makes TOUCHGRIP instruments totally unique. Both pushing and pulling movements can be performed equally effectively. Some of the instruments are heavier than usual. This is to give the user greater responsiveness – the instrument sits better in the hand and can be felt more precisely.

One set for all indications

The new set contains only one needle holder and one pair of forceps for all types of applications. The needle holder has been equipped with a high-carbon steel insert with a rough surface that will not cut through 7-0 sutures and holds the needle in a better grip. The jaws of the forceps are designed to grip firmly along their entire length, e.g. if prolonged use has led to wear along the front edges. In addition, the forceps’ front end will not open even if stronger pressure is applied. A special pair of forceps without a surgical tip is now available to remove sutures. The scissor’s design is different, too: it combines suture scissors and tissue scissors in one instrument. Most of the working ends are replaceable. Thanks to this economical solution, almost all of the instruments can be replaced by exchanging only the working ends.

On the whole, this new set improves and facilitates surgical work while simplifying it by integrating both micro- and macrosurgical instruments into one set. This helps you remain cost-efficient in any implant and periodontal surgery procedure.